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The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce "Competitive Edge - Trade and Mentoring Program” helps empower underrepresented youth by providing them with the skills and training for a pathway to Union Certification.



The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to elevating Black businesses through tangible opportunities that result in economic viability for San Diego's Black communities. Their vision is to create generational wealth through business enterprise, education, employment, and investing is a community effort.

Because uplifting and elevating each other is vital to achieving their mission, they are implementing the "Competitive Edge - Trade and Mentoring Program” in San Diego to secure the next generation of Union workers.

Competitive Edge is a 5-week Vocational Training Program that creates a pathway for underrepresented youth to obtain the training and skills needed to enter the union workforce.


There is an increased shortage of union labor in the Utility Sector and Competitive Edge is helping to fulfill a responsibility we as an industry have in regards to transferring knowledge and skill development onto future generations within our communities.


This community outreach program works with faith-based and community organizations, as well as local leaders and trades to identify those youth who want to be mentored in the Utility Sector.


Under their tutelage, these local underrepresented residents receive an opportunity to join the workforce and become equipped to sustain a lucrative and rewarding career in the industry.

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